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As the world leader in AC & DC drives, ABB continues to raise the standard in performance and functionality.   The ABB drive family; which includes the ACS 100, 140, 400, 600, 1000, and  DCS 400 series; offers the broadest application coverage available.

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The ACS 100 / 140 series drive is UL approved and provides speed control for three phase motors to 3 HP.  Input power can be either single or three phase 200 - 240V or three phase 480V.  It is available in a Nema 1 enclosure.

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The ACS 400 extends the capability of the 140 series to 25 HP @ 200 - 240V and 50 HP @  480V.  Check out the ABB web site for a list of the standard features included with the 400.

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The ACS 600 series drives offer unparalleled performance in speed and torque control for low voltage motors to 4000 HP.   The ACS 1000 series offer similar features for medium voltage motors to 6700 HP.

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The DCS 400 digital DC drives provide both regenerative and non-regenerative control of 230 to 500 VDC motors with ratings of 20 to 820 A.