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American Machine and Tool Company (AMT) is the largest manufacturer of industrial, off-the-shelf centrifugal pumps in the country.   For over 70 years, AMT has provided some of the country's largest industrial distributors with pumps under the AMT name and private labels.

Virtually every product AMT sells is engineered and designed by the company. Pumps are completely
machined, assembled, and tested at the Royersford facility. AMT's unique designs and patented products have made the company the industry leader in the competitive contractor and end user marketplace.

The product line consists of a wide range of electric and engine driven centrifugal and diaphragm pumps in cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum.   Additionly they offer a broad array of specialty pumps for industry.

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Engine driven trash pumps from 3 to 16 HP provide flows to 600 GPM.

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Close coupled, self priming electric sewage pumps offer flows to 400 GPM and heads to 120 feet.


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Electric, air, and engine driven diaphragm pumps operate at 40 to 60 strokes per minute.

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Bronze and stainless steel self primers and straight centrifugals aresscent.jpg (24789 bytes) available from 1/3 to 10 HP.




In addition to a wide selection of engine driven pumps from AMT, PL&A stocks their bronze and stainless steel pumps for the marine and aquaculture industries.