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Founded in 1915, Campbell Manufacturing is the United States' leading manufacturer of residential water systems components.    Major product lines include driven well equipment, well seals & caps, check & foot valves, electrical controls, and filtration & treatment systems.

Campbell's Monoflex Division manufacturers a full line of products for the ground water monitoring, irrigation, and dewatering industries.  These include PVC slotted screen & riser through 24" diameter, bailers, points, and accessories. 




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Campbell filtration and treatment products include cartridge filters, high flow sediment screen filters, high flow multielement stainless steel housings, and ultraviolet disinfection systems.

Pacific Liquid & Air has represented Campbell Manufacturing in Hawaii since 1990.  Our most popular offerings are high flow filtration products and ultraviolet disinfection systems.  In addition to our industrial UV and filtration customers, there are over 12,000 homes that use rainwater catchment as their primary domestic water source.   Many of these homes use Campbell whole house filters and UV units to guarantee a reliable and safe supply of this most valuable resource.