Manufacturer's Links

These links take you directly to the Manufacturer's home page.  For links to specific areas of a manufacturer's site go to our Installation & Maintenance page. Education links appear at the bottom of this page.


ABB  - Catalog, Drawings, Specifications, Maintenance Manuals, Education, Site Search

Pretty good site but somewhat difficult to navigate

AMT  - Limited catalog & News

Its a start but still has a long way to go

Berkeley Pumps - Catalog, Pump Selection Software, Parts Drawings, Maintenance Manuals, Utilities

Good site but will be even better once all literature and IO&M info is available

Blue White - Catalog, New Products

Good online catalog but no IO&M info yet

Burkert - Catalog, Application Guide, Drawings, Contacts

Pretty useful site but, lose the sound

Campbell Mfg -  Catalog, Updates, Literature, Site Search

Good online catalog but no IO&M info

Cycle Stop Valves -  Catalog, Installation Instructions, Application Examples

Pretty much all you need to know about their product

Dean Pump - Not much

Useless so far

Dwyer Instruments - Catalog, Literature, Application Guide

Just about everything you will find in their catalog

Franklin Electric - Catalog, Tech Data, Service, News

Good site. Includes the AIM manual -- one of the best

Grundfos Pumps - Catalog, Pump Selection Software, Training, Specifications, Maintenance Manuals

Good site but navigation requires many steps

ITT Conoflow - Catalog, New Products

Extensive product information

Kobold - Catalog, Drawings, Specifications

Extensive product information

MEPCO - Catalog, Drawings, Specifications

A good start but needs IO&M info

Merrill - Partial catalog

Under construction since 1999 - finish it already!

Myers - Products, New Products, Pump Selection & Design Software

For a company that offers so much, their site offers so little

Paige Electric -   Catalog, Specifications, Wire Sizing

Good information source. Wire Sizing Calculator works with IE only.

Parker Hannifin -  Catalogs, Specifications, Drawings, Product Selection Software

Like the company - a bit overwhelming

Proco Products -  Catalog, Specifications, Drawings

Good product information

Ronningen-Petter - Catalog, Applications, Drawings

Good product information

Rotoj-Jet - Catalog, Some Performance Curves, Application Assistance

Pretty good information for a very specific product

Shurflo - Product Description, New Products

Not much meat

Star Delta -   Product Descriptions

Not much now, hopefully more to come

Sta-Rite -   Product Description

Another example of a company with a lot to offer but offering little on their site

Tuthill MD Pneumatics - Catalog, Blower Sizing, IO&M Manuals

Good content and getting better

USEM -   Catalog, Drawings, Specifications, Maintenance Manuals, Education, Site Search

Best site on this list -- period!

Warren Rupp - Catalog, Pump Selection Software, Drawings, IO&M Manuals

This site just got better - very comprehensive

Watts - Product Specifications, Literature, Site Search

Good product information

Winters Instruments - Catalog, Drawings, Specifications

Comprehensive product information


Education Links

If you have suggestions for additional educational links, please e-mail me at


Physics Comics - Painless Physics by Bernard

Physics for Beginners - A  Course in Basic Mechanics

Pump School - A Rotary Pump Course

Grundfos Pump University - A Power Point Like Presentation That Covers Centrifugal Pumps, NPSHA/R, Motors, Seals, Affinity Laws, and VFD's

Internet Glossary of Pumps - Over 60 Illustrations (some are animated) of Various Pumps With Brief Operational Descriptions