AC & DC adjustable speed drives, motor control centers, and single to three phase conversion systems       ABB_logo.gif (512 bytes)

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Engine driven centrifugal & trash pumps, bronze & stainless steel close coupled pumps, and specialty pumps

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Fresh & salt water ultraviolet sterilizers and ozone destruction systems




Close coupled, frame mount, and engine drive centrifugals to 5000 GPM.  6" through 10" Submersible turbines to over 2000 GPM

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Solenoid valves & flow measurement equipment



Water systems accessories, filtration equipment, and UV sterilizers

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Constant pressure, variable flow pump control valves



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Inline, vertical, thermal liquid, ANSI, and API Process Pumps


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Flow, level, temperature, and low pressure instrumentation




Multistage vertical centrifugals to 600 GPM. In line circulators to 600 GPM. 4, 6, & 10" stainless steel submersible turbines to 1200 GPM



Flow, level, and pressure instrumentation.  Process controllers and instrument data collection systems



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Boiler feed, turbine, split case, & turbine pumps.  Chilled and hot water balancing valves


Submersible wastewater pumps to 10,000 GPM. End suction pumps to 2500 GPM. Piston and plunger pumps to 10,000 PSI. Water systems pumps and tanks. 

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UL approved medium & low voltage submersible pump cable in three & four wire lay-flat and armored configurations. Cable guards, splice kits, & accessories


Brass, stainless steel, monel, CD4, inconel & titanium tube fittings for high pressure applications.  Needle, plug, and check valves in tube and NPT configurations.  High vacuum fittings  


Single and double arch expansion joints and pump connectors.  Eccentric and concentric reducers.  Hose style connectors 



High pressure stationary pick-up tube pumps 


Sentry Equipment Corp.
 Process sampling products, power generation products, boiler blow down systems and plate heat exchangers.



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AC and DC diaphragm pumps for marine and home water systems



[Image]Water systems & general service pumps,  pool pumps, sewage pumps. Fiberglass & steel bladder tanks

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UL labeled low and medium voltage motor controls, motor control centers, spare parts, and accessories.

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Line reactors, tuning reactors, harmonic filters, and dV/dT Guard filters


Positive displacement blowers for aeration and bulk solids transfer



Vertical and horizontal low and medium voltage motors to 5000 HP  Take the USEM tour at PL&A


Air operated diaphragm pumps for viscous and solids laden liquids



Automatic control valves, backflow preventers, and ball valves




Weir Pumps
  Weir Clear Liquid    




Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, diaphragm seals, switches, thermometers, & controls




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