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F. E. Myers Wastewater Pumps and Systems

 femwwsubs.jpg (12580 bytes)Myers submersible nonclog pumps offer a broad range of flows and heads.   With models from 3 to 12 inches these quality pumps handle solids up to 5.25" in diameter. Hydraulic coverage includes flows to 7500 GPM and heads to 275'.  All models are available in standard and explosion proof (CSA/FM) configurations.

All Myers submersible, oil filled motors incorporate NEMA Class H insulation and are certified for both continuous and VFD duty. 

Lift out rail assemblies, hatch covers, motor control centers, fiberglass basins, and many other accessories are also manufactured by Myers and tailored to each pump model.

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Myers is America's oldest manufacturer of submersible grinder pumps. Models are available from 2 to 7.5 HP in both standard and explosion proof configurations. Complete systems are available for both on-site built concrete basins and factory prepackaged fiberglass basins.  With over 350,000 simplex and duplex basin packages from 24" to 48" installed, Myers has long been the leading supplier of Pressure Sewer Systems in the USA.   smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Now 60" basin packages for both grinder and nonclogs offer even greater capacity.


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smallnew.gif (926 bytes)The newest addition to the Myers wastewater family is the Dry Pit Non Clog Series.  These oil filled, water jacketed pumps are available from 4 to 12 inches and up to 125 HP.  Flows and heads are similar to the submersible models.  Unlike traditional dry pit pumps, they incorporate close coupled, oil filled motors that provide long life and lower operating & maintenance costs.

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Myers manufacturers a complete line of UL labeled control panels.   Simplex, duplex, triplex, and quadraplex controls are available for both single and three phase power to 125 HP.  A wide range of options including enclosures, displays, alarms, starting techniques, speed controls, and telemetry can be added to almost any model.

For the specifying engineering community, Myers offers several Windows based software packages that can make their life easier.  MAPS combines automated pump selection with the specification process.  It allows the engineer to select pumps based upon specific impeller trims or variable speed conditions. Selected pumps can then be packaged with rail systems, basins, covers, and control panels.  The final result is a complete specification that includes specification sheets, catalog cuts, system curves, a bill of materials, and a line item budget sheet.  Cut and paste AutoCAD compatible drawings are available for all pumps, systems, and accessories.

The Myers CDS (Collection Design System) system is a complete force main and low pressure sewer design system.   It determines, pipe sizes, velocities, pump locations, TDH, and flow rates.   It also determines system layout, locates negative pressure areas, and protects against surges at the treatment plant.   Additionally, it will provide budgeting for pumps, controls, pipe, and fittings while forecasting annual operational costs.  The CDS system is included on the MAPS CD.

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