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CPB Boosters - smallnew.gif (926 bytes)PL&A has offered our WPB residential booster systems since 1987. With over 700 installed in Hawaii and the South Pacific, they have proven to be the most reliable and trouble free systems available. Now, we are introducing our new CPB Constant Pressure Boosters. They are the ultimate solution for applications that require constant pressure over a wide range of flows. Click here for more information.

Showroom - Want to see what we stock? Visit our showroom.  An example of every item that we stock is on display.  Over forty different pumps, dozens of examples of control devices, control panels, electric motors, water treatment systems, hydropneumatic tanks, valves, and Hawaii's most extensive stock of gauges.  Plan to stop by and browse.

Motor Stock - smallnew.gif (926 bytes)We have expanded our US Electrical Motors inventory. We now have the most extensive pump motor inventory in the South Pacific. A wide range of ODP and TEFC C-Face and JM frame motors are available in Standard, EPAC, and Premium Efficiency. Vertical Holloshafts with inverter duty insulation are also stocked to 125 HP. Check out the Stock Motor Catalog on the Stock Items page.

Product Tours - A feature of our Manufacturers and Products page is a tour of their major product lines.  Several, including Myers, USEM, Sta-Rite, Berkeley, Franklin, Star-Delta, Campbell, ABB, and AMT are ready for viewing.  Take a look.

Pump Curves - smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Pump curves for all stock pumps are being added to the appropriate category on the Stock Items page. Additionally, specifications for boosters, control panels, hydropneumatic tanks, and other product categories are being added.

Education -  Physics For The Otherwise, Reasonably Well Informed - This tutorial is aimed at those of you who think math is just another four letter word. If you have avoided Physics thus far, maybe this will be your chance to enhance your understanding of the mechanics that governs just about everything we do in life.  The first chapter, Motion & Gravity is available for download on our Education page.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Air VS Oil Filled Sewage Pump Motors - This paper takes an honest look at these two popular submersible sewage pump motor designs and compares the advantages and disadvantages of each. Topics covered include motor efficiency, heat transfer, bearing lubrication, maintenance, and environmental concerns. It is available on our Education page.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Energy Conscious AC Domestic Booster Systems - If you are fortunate enough (or unfortunate, depending upon one's perspective) to live off the electrical grid, efficient energy usage becomes paramount. The water pressure booster can be one of the largest loads on an inverter and, the fact that small pressure pumps and motors are quite inefficient doesn't help the situation. This paper takes a look at the various types of inverter powered pressure boosters, discusses their power requirements, and offers suggestions for reducing inverter loading and inrush current. It is available on our Education page.


Hawaiian Electric Company has changed their energy efficient motor rebate program! When you purchase a Premium Efficiency USEM Electric motor from PL&A, the sales price will  automatically reflect their rebate.  No more forms to fill out and no more waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.  Now you can enjoy reduced electricity bills at the price of a standard motor.  Give us a call for all your new and replacement motor requirements.  For more information about energy saving solutions from Hawaiian Electric check out their web site at