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pla3_pict15.jpeg (2372 bytes)    Sta-Rite Pumps in Hawaii

From its modest beginning in 1934, Sta-Rite Industries has grown to become an internationally recognized industry leader in the pump and water system markets. Sta-Rite Industries, Inc. was founded by William C. Heath, who invented a shallow-well piston pump at his summer home on Delavan Lake because, as he said, "Water is never where you want and need it most." Today, Sta-Rite is one of the few manufacturers of both pumps and pressurized water storage tanks.  Its  products are sold throughout the world in more than 100 countries on six continents.  Sta-Rite is headquartered in Delavan, Wisconsin but has additional manufacturing operations in Canada, Australia, China, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, and New Zealand.

Sta-Rite offers a broad offering of products to the water systems industry.  Their extensive line oftanks.gif (29989 bytes) hydropneumatic tanks, in both steel and fiberglass, are available in more than twenty different sizes



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Shallow & deep well jet pumps are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations from 1/2 to 2 HP.

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Submersible deep well pumps are manufactured in both stainless steel and composite and offer flows to 70 GPM and set depths to 1800 feet.  All are powered by industry standard Franklin submersible motors.

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A broad line of self priming and end suction centrifugals tackle tough jobs in irrigation, booster, transfer, and pool applications.  More than fifty models offer heads to 700 feet and flows to 200 GPM.srsump.gif (33752 bytes)


The Sta-Rite sump pump offering includes column pumps, submersibles, high head effluent pumps, pool drainers, high temperature models, laundry tray systems, and battery backup pumps.  Dozens of models offer flows to 100 GPM and heads to 80 feet.

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The submersible sewage pump line from Sta-Rite offers 2" solids handling pumps through 2 HP.  Larger models handle 2.5", 3", and 4" solids and are available to 12 HP.

Submersible grinder pumps are also available in 2 to 7.5 HP models and offer flows to 140 GPM and heads to 140 feet.  A complete line of controls and accessories are also provided.


Since 1988 PL&A has served Hawaii with a large stock of Sta-Rite pumps, tanks, and accessories.